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How To Fix A Cracked Cabinet Door

Place at least two clamps on the blocks of wood. Fixing a cracked cabinet door.

Fixing A Cracked Cabinet Door Cabinet Doors Cabinet Doors

However, when we build our own paint grade doors, we apply plenty of glue and virtually never have any cracking problems at the stile/rail joint.


How to fix a cracked cabinet door. We are by no means diy experts and i encourage you to do your research before attempting to fix broken items in your home. Flip door over to front side and tape both ends of the cabinet. Get a pack of 20 at a home center for $2.

If you have sensitive skin, you might want to apply using gloves. Then using a toothpick, push the wood putty deeper into the crack. Let me preface this post by saying that this is a quick fix.

Using either a craft stick or your finger, apply the wood putty along the hairline crack. Then thoroughly sand the doors. It is typical to have cracking at the panel/frame joint.

Tired of listening to those cabinet doors bang shut? Press wood putty into the hairline cracks. Also check how far it is from the edge, top, or bottom of the door and its handle.

Ideally, fixing the damage is as easy as refinishing the door. Place scrap blocks of wood on both sides of the door over the cracked area. Examine the door closely to get a good look at the full extent of the crack in the wood, and how visible it will be once repaired.

This is not meant to be a permanent fix, but it is working great for us for now. However, this can also be almost completely eliminated by gluing an mdf panel into the frame. The blocks should be at least as long as the cracks or longer.

Make sure the back of the door is clean so the bumpers will stick, then place one at the top corner and another at the bottom. This will add more support while it is drying. In that case, simply remove the doors and unscrew the hinges and hardware.

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