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How To Polish Concrete Floors

Concrete floor polish options include a wet and dry version. It takes many steps or passes with a grinder to finish a highly polished floor.

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Once the proper tooling has been determined, we begin the concrete polishing process by placing the appropriate diamond tooling on our grinder.

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How to polish concrete floors. It is a mechanical process in which the floor is smoothed using a professional grinding machine. To polish concrete, start by grinding the surface with a concrete grinder, which you can rent at a hardware store. Apply the mixture to polished concrete floors and let it sit for a.

Repair any cracks or blemishes on the floors. The densifier closes the pores in the concrete, which gives it a mirror finish. Wring out excess liquid from the mop.

The dry concrete floor polishing method uses a floor polisher that requires a hook up to a dust containment system while it polishes the floor. Removing any sealers or coatings that have previously been applied to the floors. This means using pads with a finer grit range combined with applying a densifier and finally a sealant.

Polishing a concrete floor at a glance. According to the portland cement association, regular concrete is made up of a mixture of cement, water and aggregates. The wet way is the best choice for those looking to preserve the abrasive integrity.

Apply a chemical hardener to densify the concrete. For knowledgeable and skilled contractors that can help you with your polished concrete needs, contact the team at all stone restoration today. Switch to a wet mop and submerge the microfiber pad in the bucket.

Prep work you may need to do before you can polish concrete floors includes: Fill one cleaning bucket with warm water. Polish with progressively finer discs step 4:

Apply some type of chemical hardener to the concrete flooring which will densify the concrete. True concrete polishing is a longer process designed to create a highly reflective surface. There are varying design options for your polished concrete with different degrees of glossiness.

Mopping and sweeping the area to remove all dirt and dust. As a general rule, the diamond grit size is doubled for each pass completed. It is a basic, sturdy material that has many different applications.

Polished concrete floors are similar to a basic concrete slab that you might find in a basement or garage, but they have a different finish. A real concrete polishing job involves 10 or so stages. Before the concrete polishing process begins, glossy floors conducts a floor hardness test to determine which diamond tooling we should start with.

Follow these steps to thoroughly clean polished concrete floors: The slurry created from the wet method requires proper cleanup and disposal. Use the floor grinder to apply concrete floor polish over the whole surface.

Before burnishing one last time, put a thin coat of concrete sealer over the floor. This final step should give the concrete floor the extra sheen to make it sparkle and impress! Once you’ve finished grinding, vacuum up the debris, and go over the entire.

The poured concrete is then ground down with diamond polishing tools, which get progressively finer until the level of sheen and smoothness you are after is achieved. These densifiers act to fill the holes and pores in the concrete. In learning how to polish concrete, this is an important step that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Apply concrete sealer while most commonly seen in commercial settings like hospitals and restaurants, polished concrete. Clean area and fill cracks step 2: You can also use a combination of these two.

Use a dry dust mop to collect loose particles of dirt and grime.

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