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How To Read A Dial Indicator Metric

• dial face reads in inch (black) or metric (red). This indicator simultaneously reads in both inch and metric.

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• rotating bezel with clamp.

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How to read a dial indicator metric. adjust both the dial indicator and the. Measuring angularity with face dial indicators 1 Start by mounting the dial test indicator onto a stand.

As the dial indicator parts, the inner scale represents the total revolution of the long pointer. Carefully increase z until dial gauge hands move. Measuring angularity with face dial indicators.

The dial indicator or the plunger dial gauge is one of the simplest and the most widely used mechanical comparator. Least count of dial indicator. Use only as indicator gauge.

Main scale reading + dial scale reading − zero error = final reading main scale reading = the divisions passed by the jaw from “0” × main scale’s smallest division value. List of printable exercises to support the teacher’s performance in lectures, at a distance and for student practice. Read the manual and follow all instructions.

The dial test indicator has an arm that sweeps an angle. It operates on the principle, that a very slight upward pressure on the spindle at the contact point is multiplied through a system of gears and levers. True measurement = dial reading x compensation value examples if a 0.200mm measurement is indicated on the dial at various values of θ, the true measurements are:

In fact, it also applies to dials on thickness gages, dial calipers, dial bore gages, and dial micrometers. Take the dial gauge reading. Add δz to the current z shown in the software and type it in as the new position.

How to read the graduations on inch dials. With a reading in millimeter centesimal (0.01 mm) and nominal strip of 10 mm. Inner reading + outer reading = total reading.

Both are handy, but you’ll tend to use a dial test indicator more often. If necessary, the dial reading can be compensated for the actual θ value by using the table below to give the true measurement. Dial gauge must be securely mounted such as on a comparator stand or magnetic base.

They are typically used to measure deck clearances, crankshaft thrust and straightness, lifter travel and other measurements that involve the distance between two surfaces or small amounts of component travel. It measures how far the arm is pushed sideways. The dial is set to zero at position #1, for example, 12:00.

• separated dial for inch & metric. The dial indicator has a plunger and reads how far the plunger is raised by the surface below. The combination dial has both a continuous scale numbered clockwise around the face and a balanced scale with positive values on one side of the zero and negative values on the other side.

Dial scale reading = the divisions passed by the needle from “0” × dial scale’s smallest division value. It is indicated on the face of the dial by a dial finger. Dial indicators are one of the primary measuring tools used in precision engine building.

Dual reading dial indicator metric standard inch mm new. Dial indicators consists of a body with a round graduated dial and a contact point connected with a spiral or. Exercises to practice reading and interpreting linear measuring instruments.

Midway down the stem is the spindle or plunger, and at the bottom of the stem is the contact point. On the bottom of the dial test indicator you will find the stem. Hardened steel gear train and jewel bearings.

Step 1 for reading a dial test indicator is to calibrate your indicator. All you have to do is simply adding the reading value of the inner scale and the outer scale. ・use for any purpose other than measuring may damage or wear the instrument.

Reading exercises and interpretation of dial indicator in millimeter and inch. displace thespindleof dial indicator by turningthemicrometerhead in theoppositedirection tothatusedinsubparagraph10.6.2.1. Plunger dial gauge measurement limit is 10 mm with the least count of 0.01mm and 1mm with least count of 0.001.

Basically, reading a dial indicator is easy. Take direct and comparative measurements with the same indicator. read and record dial indicator and micrometer fixture readings at the same increments as performedinsubparagraph10.6.2.4.

・use of product other than as described in the manual may cause accident.

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