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How To Use My Scotch Laminator

Dry wipe the document you are laminating. Wash and dry your hands before getting started.

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Plug the scotch thermal laminating machine in, and turn it on using the power button.


How to use my scotch laminator. You can use a scotch laminator for many different things, including home decor and crafts. Lamination pouches come in a variety of sizes. (figure 4) the laminated item will automatically exit the outlet of the laminator.

However, ensure your paper can fit completely inside the pouch.[1] x research source if your project is small, try. Ensure you have the correct size laminating pouch (see our sizing chart below). Hold the pouch until the machine moves it forward.

When choosing a size, make sure it's small enough to fit in your machine. Next, place your design on the inside of the scotch laminator's film and then lay it down onto your object. As a guide, standard 80gsm paper is 0.08mm thick.

If you plan to use a thermal laminator, it is going to need time to warm up. You can also use this machine to laminate posters, banners and artwork. Hand trim around the thermal laminated items.

Plug the scotch thermal laminating machine in, and turn it on using the power button. • unplug the laminator from electrical outlet before storage or when not in use. Laminates up to 9'' (22.86 cm) wide items.

• do not leave the laminator unattended while turned on or in use. Cons of scotch thermal laminator. While you are waiting for your machine to heat up, prepare your document.

Do not pull the pouch through the laminator. Refill cartridge rolls available in a variety of lengths. How do you use a scotch thermal laminator?

Always insert a laminating pouch into the pouch laminator with the sealed edge first! Insert the item to be laminated into a scotchtm thermal laminating pouch so that your item is close to or touching the sealed edge of the pouch (figure 2). You can use the motor of the laminator to advance the rollers as needed to make sure that all of the areas of the roller are clean.

Place the document into the pouch. Steps to use a laminator. If there's an input tray, make sure it's up and ready to receive paper.

The laminator has always sealed the laminating sheets completely. That means that the folded side of the pouch needs to be smaller than the area you feed the pouch into. Turn off the machine and unplug it.

Once the rollers are completely clean you will be ready to load film onto your laminator again. Preserve and lend a professional finish to certificates, projects and other important documents using this thermal laminator from scotch. If the pouch should become jammed or not feed correctly, hold down

This means that using a carrier may result in a poor finish or increase the risk of jamming. Once the laminator has warmed up, carefully insert your document, inside the laminator sheet, into the top of the machine. Be sure to remove all of the residue from the silicon rollers.

Put the laminator in reverse mode. Do i need a carrier with my laminator? The edge of the laminating.

Give it all, and synthesize down to steps.) step 1: The only time it didn’t was when i used the white cover, but i never use that now and it works great. Try to gently pull out the pouch.

Here are your steps (i do this same thing when i teach, too. • allow laminated items to cool before handling. Scotch™ thermal laminating pouches completely seal around your document, meaning there are no air pockets or gaps when you trim.

It includes two temperature settings and will laminate pouches up to five millimeters thick. Preserve and protect your items you refer to or handle. Once it is heated all the way, i put the laminating sheet (filled with whatever i want to laminate) into the laminator.

9 in, 12in, and 25 in. Width of your laminating pouch. The scotch model tl901 is a thermal laminator that laminates flat items up to nine inches wide.

Do not cut the pouch if your item is much smaller than the size of the pouch or the pouch will likely become jammed inside the laminator. Step 1, choose a pouch small enough to fit in the laminator. Doing so will prevent the motor from burning out so you'll be less likely to have to repair or replace your machine.

In some cases, you may need to increase the temperature by about 10 deg f. This way, the air is properly pushed out of the pouch as it goes through the machine, making sure the. • the laminating machine and laminated items become hot during use.

To start, you'll need to clean the surface of your object with an alcohol wipe before applying any adhesive. Use a pouch carrier to evenly distribute heat across the pouch and provide structure to thinner pouches (like 3 mil & 5 mil). Most machines take between 1 and 6 minutes to heat up.

Send the thermal pouch through the thermal laminator, sealed edge first, then allow it to cool on a flat surface. This is essentially the thickness of the lamination sheet. Your documents go through the rollers, and it uses heat to seal the thermal laminating pouches all around whatever you give inside, for example, paper, card, etc.

Now, i just have to plug the laminator in, unfold the tray for the laminating sheets, and press the button to turn on the laminator. Scotch thermal laminating machines are of either two or four rollers.

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